About Me & Contacts

My name is Andrew , I’m psychologist and associated trainer in de Bono thinking.

My main professional interests lie in the realm of psychology, education and design, and especially in the areas of their superposition (educational design, visual thinking, presentations etc). In psychology I lean towards cognitive & neuroscience approach. In addition to that I have a great interest in body-oriented psychotherapy, existential and Jungian psychology.

I have conducted trainings on thinking, learning and personal effectiveness for adults, I also used to work with children and students. Currently I work at Training Center of international IT company and sometimes participate as guest lecturer at local IT events.

For almost ten years I write for local glossy on psychology, some of my articles you can find on this site.

I also provide help with presentations, so if you need to prepare one and want my help – write me at neuroresistance(at)gmail.com. If you need other kind of help – also write there.

Quite some time ago I became interested in finding ways to use my knowledge to fight consumer society conditioning we all are subjects to. More on that here.

My main hobby is reading. I like stories that have some mystery inside (preferably with some subtle supernatural element), interesting characters (preferably with some romance going on as a support storyline, but when it’s not the main focus of the story), interesting location, tasty language and attention to details. If at least couple of this criteria are met and others aren’t completely ruined (you know, like when it’s very tight-twisted detective story but the language is so awful or characters are so flat that you just can’t read it) there’s a strong chance I would like the story and would forgive it some shortcomings if needed.

My favorite band is Jethro Tull, I’ve attended their live shows three times.

I also go in for contact improvisation.